Monday, May 31, 2010


I'm the worst person at keeping surprises and its not because I can't keep a secret (I can) but its that I get so excited about seeing the person's reaction that I just can't wait. When it comes to birthdays I have to buy presents the day of the birthday because if I buy them earlier I want to give them to the person right away and see their face as they open them. It's the little kid in me. So I have a surprise I'm keeping from the bf and I'm DYING to tell him but I can't. You have no idea how hard it is for me to keep this. I've had to catch myself as I'm on the verge of telling him many times.

So this is how the surprise goes...the bf and I have a long distance relationship which means that we don't see each other but for a couple days every couple months. Now has been the longest since we've seen each other last (10 months to be exact) but we talk everyday and text all the time. Anyway, I'm going to see him in a month because I'll be in town for a wedding, but what he doesn't know is that I'm also flying in for a couple days next week (that's the surprise part). He thinks that my best friend needs to give him something so he can ship it to me, but I'll be the one there to meet him and not my best friend. I'm sooooo excited to see his face when he sees me and I can't wait. Why does a week feel like a year?


  1. Thats so sweet!
    Lucky him ;)

  2. :) thanks..i just hope everything goes as planned

  3. so how did it go??! that if it happened yet!

  4. :) not yet....later on tonight..and the wait is killllliiinnnggggg me!!!!