Thursday, December 9, 2010

I knew it

I knew that my cloud 9 period would come to an end and that something annoying will happen.

So I decided to tell the bf (yes we're on break) my concerns which includes the following:

1. I don't feel that your siblings (2 older sisters) are in favor of us being together

2. When it comes to any disagreements you are unable to provide support or stay neutral, instead you add to the attack against me. (a wonderful feeling)

3. I don't really want to live in Egypt (I love to visit but not live)

Honesty in this case maybe wasn't the best policy because it unleashed negativity beyond my wildest imagination. So in the end it's over and all I can think to myself is that things happen for a reason and that it wasn't meant to be. He, on the other hand, is insisting on proving that I never loved him (class act).

When did guys become such drama queens???


  1. yeeee soo long ago babe.

    Guys are the kings in playing Drama Queens(queers) ahhh and that is very much expected, weird thing is you sat and you explained to him!!! that is so immature from him..weird!
    Good luck and i hope you recover soon

  2. oooh am sorry to hear that. but sometimes after a while you will know that it's for the best. I've been there :)

    And about being drama queens, yea right? sadly I had my share of those

  3. Thanks e and deppy! Hopefully this is the end of drama.