Friday, April 2, 2010



  1. hehe, i'm the only female at work too and i so know what you mean :)

    you gotta admit tho, being the only woman is good because male colleagues are somehow intimidated by your presence and very cautious about invading your space, unlike female colleagues :D

  2. :) very true...that is a BIG plus...but sometimes i think that if i'm just not in the mood for bs...they will automatically think oooohhh its that time of the month :) or if i'm too nice that i'm in love with them..

  3. hahaha

    i never really think too hard if people would notice my time of the month!!! man they must have thought i was pmsing quite the few times!!!

    and for me, alhamdulilah, none of them would ever think i'm nice because i like them, not even remotely, i make it crustal clear that i am out of their league ;))

  4. but u r right , men in work are most of the time better than females ;))

  5. insomniac - lol..i should try that :))) but guys think backwards sometimes..they'll think i'm playing hard to get...a challenge for them which they lllooovveeee :))

    chaimiaa - yeah working with men def leaves out some of the drama with women :))