Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So I have a little problem.........I can't remember something that I really need to remember.

This is what happened. I was sitting and talking with someone and the conversation went from one topic to another. We started talking about trust and how relationships are built. Apparently whatever I said this person thought was absolutely beautiful and for the life of me I can't remember what I said.

From what I gather is that I spoke from the heart and I didn't intellectualize things like I normally do. I am surprised and shocked that I can't remember the details of the conversation or what I said. Yes I was exhausted that day because I had only slept 3 hours but why can't I remember??

In general I am a very guarded person. I don't speak about my feelings but try to figure them out on my own (hence the crazy runs). I wish I had a tape in my brain that I could just rewind and hear what I said.



  1. hmmmm the heart spoke, so the mind stopped.
    And believe it or not the heart never forgets, besides what you can't remember in words you will find yourself normally doing, that's why it's untraceble when you verbalize it.

  2. Are you curious about what you said? Or are you anxious? Because if it's the latter, what harm can it do? Beautiful words come out when you least expect them. If you are just curious, perhaps a phone call to that person can remind you of what you said.

  3. Now you made me so curious to know what did u say... can you give your friend and call, and simply ask :)?

  4. oh well i guess i left out one detail....the person i had the conversation is my boss :-/...................