Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Eid

I hope everyone had a Happy Eid. I know it's a little late but things have been crazy lately, sorry.

I need a little help understanding something.

So as I wrote before the bf and I are taking a break. In my mind a break means some time off for each of us to recollect our thoughts, have some alone time, etc. Yes I initiated the break because that's exactly what I needed. I even went as far as saying my feelings haven't changed towards you, its just that I need to figure things out for myself.

So someone please explain to me why a few days ago he unleashed the monster in him. He went on that what I'm doing (taking the break) is not cool and that I must have found someone else. Since when did saying I need a break to figure out what I'm going to do in my life (i.e. how I'm going to achieve my goals/dreams) mean I found someone else?

In a way this break has shown me a side of him that I really don't like. Honestly if the situation was reversed I would have respected his wishes and remained confident that things will go back to normal because most couples go through this. I would have periodically checked up on him to make sure he was ok and kept the distance. Is that too much to ask?

Instead I get a phone call in the middle of the night saying if I really want to end it then I should just end it. Please keep in mind that I received this call while I had the flu and food poisoning but he just blew over the fact that I said I'm sick and can't have this conversation now. I would have thought that he would have asked to see if I was feeling better the next day, but the joke was on me. Instead I got a message implying that I shouldn't have said what I was feeling.

Am I the only one that thinks this is just getting worse?


  1. There are people who totally understand and respect, and others who simply can't get the point, and they just assume that you want out, but you are trying to take baby steps. Looks like he is one of those latter kind.

    I wish i can help in telling you how to get this fixed, or even a hint about whether to go on with the relationship or end it, but really no one can except you.

  2. Thanks Ze2red! I think you're absolutely right, he seem to be the latter.

  3. Well many people would assume you want out if you say you need a happened to me once but i was at the other end...what i felt is that i am a burden, and with no explanation as to why we are taking this break...i was a wreck...Egyptian mentality is one of the closest, narrowest, and darkest; that's for sure.
    And realtionships lacks clarity around 90% and it's bad.
    i am not excluding myself but at least i have an explanation to my thoughts and actions.
    Rough times are part of the deal, so it has to go pitch dark before dawn.. :) cheer and be fine things will be fine eventually