Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is this a sign?

So the bf and I are taking a break. I initiated it for a number of reasons.

One being is that I need to find my focus again which means I need to find my inner voice again. I don't want to be the kind of person that loses themselves when in a relationship. I don't want to give up on my dreams to goals to be in a relationship. Yes I'm sorry but I want it all a good relationship and remain on the path to achieving my dreams.

This is not to say that the bf was making me choose between him and my dreams but I felt like in a way I would have to give up on some things to make the relationship continue working. So this break is for me to think about things and weigh my priorities.

We've been on our break for about a week or so now and I feel differently. I can actually sleep, I feel like a kid again with endless possibilities and I'm gitty. Is this a sign?


  1. Well i guess you went to see Eat,Pray,Love :)
    no it's natural i believe.
    Still i have to remind you it's part of being in any kind of a relationship to give up something, to make some sort of sacrifice; big or small, major, minor..sometimes you have to amend the course of your life for it, or even discarded completely (not necessairly bad sometimes it's never looked upon possibilities) and it's not just you..the other party goes through all that too.
    It's the point where you both reach in agreement that will determine how is it gonna be...Good luck my dear :)

  2. {I feel like a kid again with endless possibilities and I'm gitty}

    If this feeling lasts, then I think it is a sign. But if you feel later like listening to "Aw2at Ba7en" of Ghada Rajab, then it is not!

  3. Thanks e!!! I haven't seen the movie yet, is it good?

    To live that day - So far its lasting...I'm not familiar with that song...then again I'm horrible when it comes to Arabic songs.. :-(

  4. yeah the movie is real good..it's not a light one and not chicks movie..it's about how one find self and listens to the inner voice,follow the signs amid all the noise of our lives and all the chaos