Friday, January 21, 2011

Autumn in January

I live in a country where it seems like it's summer year around but recently the weather has changed. For the first time in a long time it actually feels like autumn and it brings back great memories. I know it sounds weird autumn in January? But really it feels like a typical autumn day with clouds, a little rain and that quintessential autumn chill.

It reminds me of strolls in St-Germain accented with the smell of boulangeries filling the air and comfy autumn clothes, the staple scarf, softness of my favorite cashmere sweater, vintage jeans, ballet flats and the as needed jacket. Of course all those feelings and memories were magnified as I was browsing one of my favorite blogs today...The Sartorialist.

I'm still here, but my mind has been transported thousands of miles away to my favorite place.

He said: I would love to see Paris through your eyes.
She said: Paris is the only place that I felt at peace, a place that I can have for myself and you're the only person I've wanted to experience it with again.


  1. I also lived for a while where it was like an eternal burning summer and it was really dull. Changing seasons, activities, clothes paint life with joyful colors.

  2. :) yes!!! I didn't realize how much I missed falling asleep to the sound of rain until we had a very rare storm last night.