Wednesday, February 16, 2011


How do you tell someone that you really care about that you're disappointed in them? How do you do it without hurting their feelings? How do you tell them that you needed them but couldn't turn to them? How do you tell them that today was the day to be the knight in shining armour you have known them to be?

Do knight in shining armours still exist? Is there a man out there that is capable of being one?

He said: What's wrong? You don't sound yourself.
She said: I'm fine (trying to hold back tears)
He said: No, I've never heard you like this, what's wrong?
She said: Nothing, just having a bad day.
He said: Are you still not feeling well?
She said: A little. Just having one of those days when you want to get away from everything.
He said: Am I part of that everything?
She said: No
He said: I'll call to see how long my flight will be delayed for and see if I can see you before it.

Few minutes later...
He said: My flight is delayed for a couple hours, but I have to go to dinner with a colleague. I promise tomorrow I'll cheer you up.


  1. Knight in shining draw a smile on my face, really!
    i thought i am the only one who believes in fairy tales
    how sad...i a really sorry i have no advice, i will just tell you i understand what you feel, hope that's a bit of help

  2. It is ironic when we get disappointed in someone but we are reluctant to tell him/her lest he/she gets hurt. It adds, on their part, failing to fulfill the expectations to the undue sensitivity.

  3. :) thanks e!!! I think that's the reason I have settled down...wanting that knight in shining armour...

    I agree To live that day...I think in a way we hope that the other person cause read our mind or feel us....

  4. oops !!

    some 1 made me disappointment like that 2 days ago =/

  5. awww :-( i hope the person corrected it or made up for it!!