Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fake people

I have this thing...I hate fake people...I should probably explain what I mean exactly..

So I'm really bad at being fake around people I don't like..don't get me wrong I will always remain pleasant and diplomatic but I will not treat people I don't like or feel comfortable around the same way I treat those I care about...I feel bad being mean or rude to people I don't care...if you know me well you can tell that I don't like or feel comfortable about a person because I'm quiet whenever they're around and I try to keep my conversation short with them cause I'm afraid there's a big sign on my forehead that says, "I can't fake it...I don't like you..so please stop talking."

However, what I can't stand is when someone keeps going on and on about how they hate someone and then when they're with that person they act like BFFs...I'm in absolute shock that someone can fake is so well..and it leads me to start wondering about that person..if they're that good at faking it...what else could they possibly be faking??

Seriously why can't everyone just be honest to themselves? Isn't it a complete waste of energy to put on the fake BFF face? What's the point of it all?


  1. Those hypocrites disgust me!, but I have a question here. What if those people you hate are certain co-wrokers or class-mates?, cause I'm bad too at being pleasant to those I don't like, but those people are part of my everyday routine and showing hate will affect my performance and wouldn't look nice. I tried keeping the conversations short and being as serious as possible around them, but sometimes I have to pretend that I'm listening and enjoying when the truth is the opposite. I hate myself for it, but I had no other choice . Would my action still be considered faking or it is a different case, given the differet environment?

  2. No!!!! That's not faking it at all!!!! There are situations were we have to remain diplomatic as the ones you mentioned. I completely agree with you sometimes we have to deal people in our every day rountine and we just have to make the best of it.

    I can't stand the people that talk non-stop bad about someone and when they see them they act like their best friend in the whole world..I'm really talking about those people that are just part of the social circle..those they don't really have to act fake around other than being as you said just hypocrites!

    :) thanks for your comment

  3. Good for you putting up the "I can't fake it" note on your forehead. It's useful you know :)

    and Shadows, for any account, a professional life and connections is something totally different. You don't have to be friends with ur colleagues or your classmates if you don't like them. But don't treat them badly as well. Business is business as they say. Keep it short and to the point and you will send a loud and clear message that you don't need any personal business with that other person. Believe the recipe works like charm.

  4. :) yes it is very useful!!

    Completely agree...business is business