Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One Year

So yesterday was the one-year anniversary for me and the bf. When its time for guys to be really sweet they choose not to and when its not the time for them to be sweet cause you're really annoyed with them, they choose to be sweet.

The following is part of the conversation we had:

Him: so do you know what's so great about having you in my life

Me: what

Him: that i have found that special person i want to annoy for the rest of my life :D

Me: if it's a mattering of annoying i can nominate a lot of other people for you

Him: can you?

Me: if annoying is the goal

Him: you know how can i drive you nuts :D

Me: yes...mmmm that's almost all the time

Him: yeah riggggghttt....ana ghalbaaaaaaaaaaaan

Me: you're what?!?!?!?!?!? yeah and i'm mother theresa

The bf decides to be really really sweet the last time we fought as I was near tears and wanting to punch him...hit get the idea...

And guys think girls are hard to figure out..ha ha ha ha


  1. WELCOME to the world of releationships...that conversation is what i've had for almost 2 years now...and yes his way of teasing brings me to tears....they are sick in their heads

  2. hehehehhe

    believe me... that's what makes them adorable

    if they're mushy and lovin and so... u will get bored easily !

    we strive to get to see their passionate side for a second... and when we do, we appreciate it ...

    believe me... mine is much much worse!!!

    before leavin for his business trip i was jokin around... tellin him.. "how abt we make a lil one of u in case u escaped and didnt come back".. he was like " WTF!!! I hate talkin about these matters !!!!"

    cold bastard =D

  3. :D aahhh guys........gotta love how they add spice to life

  4. I've been with a lovey-dovey guy and I didnt like that much

    Aside from some assuring talks, I prefer the mysterious bad-ass vibe, it makes them sexy actually :D