Friday, September 24, 2010


So I'm back from what was suppose to be a vacation and I say suppose to be a vacation for the following reasons:

1. Got a cold
2. Got food poisoning
3. Strained my back and had limited mobility
4. Had to deal with the drama that this person created and is still creating
5. Had a lot of ups and downs with the bf...yes bf...back together (I'm a sucker for giving second chances)
6. Mom got the flu

I have so much to write about but now that I'm sitting in front of the computer my mind decides to draw a blank. Stay tuned. I promise I'll write about all the juicy details from my supposed vacation.


  1. what a vacation !!!

    i had a 2-days vacation (work sucks) and i got a cold, food poisoning and had a neck spasm where i couldnt move for hours

    and broke up with my bf :D

    i decided to take another 2 days vacation this week and I'm spending it AT HOME to avoid any of the above :D

    sorry your vacation's gone bad :(

  2. awwww sounds like you had the same vacation I did :-(

    i hope your vacation this week is better!!!!

  3. well...

    didn't start off as i hoped to :D

    Got an unwanted visitor and not on her time.. if u know what i mean !

    My bf informed me that he's leavin for 3 weeks on my 2nd day of vacation (today)

    i am so tired and down that i wanna get back to work :D

    we are unlucky vacationers (if that's even a word ! )

  4. awwwww I def know what you're going through!!!! Sounds like a perfect time for one of those pjs, movies (chick flicks preferably) and ice cream vacations. I hope your vacation gets better!!!!! :-)

  5. I hope you're feeling better! I get the same stroke of bad luck when I am supposed to be having a vacation! I wonder why that happens? Get better soon!

  6. Thanks! My back is still not cooperating but hoping it will soon. I wonder why too and then my relatives say its because my immune system isn't used to "Egypt weather."