Thursday, September 30, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance

Confession...So You Think You Can Dance is one of my guilty pleasures. My best friend and I back home used to get so excited when a new season of the show started. As we're watching we used to wish we were dancers. This is one of my favorites:


  1. OHHH that was really good! I wonder how can she be that good in those heels hehe :D

    I love So you think you can dance and any dancing movie/show, is there any new goodies?

  2. I love watching two people (or a group) dance together in harmony, it's really lovely.

  3. God that was awesome

  4. :) i know!!! I wish my legs could move like that!!!

    Deppy - I've heard the dancing in Step It Up 3D is pretty amazing but I haven't seen it yet.

  5. Ohhh... i'm guilty of charge. I love the show too and addicted to it.

  6. I love them :D

    but they make me wonder.... why did my parents make me take dance lessons when I was young :D

    u love to see them... and u wish to be them :)